So who are we? We are a family run business that started out of sheer boredom when I had to give up my job due to ill heath, I spend a great deal of time at home, in pain and generally feeling really sorry for myself, one day on one of my better days I decided that i would make myself a piece of string art, over time I added more crafts to keep myself active and to take my mind of the pain, then friends started asking me to make gifts and so The Cushion Queen was born.

I started up a facebook page so my friends could see what i was up to, it was a way to make me feel like i was still part of society and useful once again. Soon I was making so many different things they were taking over, so I decided that it was time to concentrate on one aspect of my crafts which I enjoyed doing and that was making beautiful printed personalised gifts.

So with the help of my family and friends The Cushion Queen is growing and going from strength to strength. I love what we create and hopefully it shows in every item we make and we look forward to bringing joy to many many more people for years to come. We would like to say a big thank you to all our customers old and new that have supported us on our journey.